5 Reasons why short-form content is king

I’ve seen a lot of brands make the mistake of investing in long-form video content, only to find that their audience is bored and unengaged. When I asked why they made this choice, the answer was always something along the lines of “we want our brand to be taken seriously” or “we want our content to look like high-quality TV shows”. But guess what? If your audience isn’t engaged with your content then these lofty aspirations won’t matter anyway! What matters is whether or not your audience cares about what you have to say. And if you want them to care then it needs to be easy for them take away information from your video without having to sit through ten minutes of introductory material before getting anywhere near any important information.

Short-form videos are easier to produce.

Short-form content is best for those who don’t have a big budget or long production periods, but still want to be successful in the video market. You can use existing footage and mobile phones to shoot them, without needing expensive equipment or large teams of people working behind the camera. We continuously look at how big a crew is and what equipment is needed. often not much is needed and certainly not with short-form content

75% of consumers prefer watching videos on social media instead of TV.

Short-form content is more engaging than TV. The average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds and it has dropped to 5 seconds in the past two years, according to The Atlantic.

This means that people are consuming shorter content more often, and are also less likely to sit through long-form videos on social media or other platforms, making short-form videos a better option for brands who want their target audience’s attention.

We’re all time poor and we crave bite-sized information that’s easy to digest.

  • We’re all time poor and we crave bite-sized information that’s easy to digest.
  • We want short, sweet content that we can consume quickly.
  • We have a short attention span because there are too many distractions competing for our time and attention.

Short-form video is here to stay.

It’s clear that short-form video is here to stay, and the data backs it up. Just take a look at these statistics:

  • Approximately 4 billion videos are watched every day on Facebook and Instagram alone.
  • The average YouTube user spends an hour and 14 minutes watching videos each day.
  • According to a survey conducted by Google, people would rather watch one minute of video than read one page of text.

And there are many other reasons why short-form content is king:

You don’t need a huge budget or a ton of time to make short form video content that engages your audience.

These videos can be made with a small video crew and are quick and easy to shoot. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on lighting, sound design and more.

So, if you’re starting an online business or already have one but don’t have a huge budget for creating content, then this is great news!

Short-form videos are also easier to share with friends and family than long-form videos. They’re perfect for posting on your social media channels or sending via email or text message because they’re not overwhelming the recipient with information that they may not want or need at that moment.


It’s clear that short-form video content is here to stay. If you want to keep up with your audience and speak their language, it’s time you started creating some videos too. Wanna know more? Don’t hesitate to contact me at hoi@superrandom.nl

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